YOUR Personalized 3-Step Newsletter Content Planning Session

Your newsletter is imperative to having a successful business. It allows you to:

  • Build know-like-trust with your audience because you get to share with them.
  • Demonstrate your credibility because you are sharing your knowledge.
  • Stay top of mind because you are showing up in their inbox!

One of the biggest misconceptions about newsletters is that they take a lot of time to create. As a newsletter specialist I can assure you that If you are investing MORE than 30 minutes per MONTH pulling your content together, you are overworking!  You can be providing seamless communication where you stay top of mind with your customers.  Remember out of sight out of mind! 

Why work with someone to plan your content?

  • Benefit from a DIFFERENT vantage point 
  • Be guided to GENERATE ideas that challenge your knowledge and explain your expertise in your voice
  • Learn how to create RELEVANT content
  • Build CONFIDENCE with your information, your knowledge, your newsletter.

YOUR Personalized 3-Step Newsletter Content Planning Session

1 One-on-One Newsletter Idea Brainstorming Strategy Call (30 minutes)

We will work together as I learn about you and your business. We will generate ideas and begin to plan out content for your newsletter strategy.

2 A 6-Month Planning Template Designed for Your Business

I will take all our ideas and build a template for you to follow to create your newsletters for the next 6 months. This strategy will set you up to continue beyond the 6 months with little time and minimal effort YET excellent quality!

3 Review of Your 6-Month Plan (30 minute call)

This final call will be a review of your plan. We will set out the actionable items and we will also look at ways to re-purpose for social media.

BONUS: Receive The PST Approach to Awesome Newsletters Self-Guided Program FREE (value of $57)!  Get more detailed information about Planning, Simplifying and the importance of Teaching (PST) through your newsletter.   

Regular Price for this offer: $197
Back to Routine Price: $157

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