When I tell people that I’m a virtual assistant, I almost always get a reply of, “oh, I need you!” That is a great feeling – to be needed. And that is a wonderful way to start a conversation about the “needs”.

So when does a business owner really need a virtual assistant? My answer is usually the same … it’s all about time. When you find you are spending time doing administrative work but could be doing something else. What is that something else?

  • It could be more time to connect with your clients or prospective clients to generate a larger revenue.
  • It could be more valuable time with your family.
  • It could be more time to investigate a new venture or create a strategic plan for growth.
  • It could be that the administrative work has grown to a larger time commitment due to increased business.

It’s really different for everyone. It’s all about return on investment. What is the “time” worth to you and what are you willing to pay to get that time back?

Often letting go of a few small things is the best way to start. It can lead to greater growth and prosperity as well as peace of mind. Give up the monotonous tasks and you find a new level of love for what you do!

If you think you’re in need of more time, think of what tasks keep you from it and let’s chat!



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