The PST Approach to Awesome Newsletters




Did You Know?

  • 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing
    increases customer retention.
  • More than 59% of marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI. 

Watch this video to learn more about how email marketing impacts your business:

Are these areas of struggle for you?

  • You don’t know where to start.
  • You are creating a newsletter but are not getting good open rates.
  • Your newsletter mailings are inconsistent.
  • You hate the thought of planning a newsletter.
  • You don’t think you have the time.
  • You struggle with content.
  • It is taking you more than 30 minutes to create a newsletter.

I can help you get the attention from your readers by using your authentic voice and making you the expert in your field!

I have created newsletter plans for years!

I have developed a step-by-step approach to planning content.

I have learned from communications specialists, designers, and best practices. I want to share this with YOU! 

Take your newsletter from readable to actionable!

Your newsletter will

Make you look good using your authentic voice

Show your clients that you are a professional

Demonstrate and promote your credibility

Are you ready to connect & sell?
Use The PST Approach to Awesome Newsletters!

I’m very excited to share my first e-newsletter that went our recently… I am getting a lot of positive feedback and so happy about it.

Working with (Marianne) gave me the discipline, courage and commitment to make this happen. By using her PST Approach program we put a 12 month plan together, all my themes/topics are laid out for me to follow. 

When I work on my e-newsletter now, I am surprised to see that my feeling of “Overwhelm” turned into a feeling of “Excitement”.

YOUR Personalized 3-Step Newsletter Content Planning Session
This is for you if you want a 6-month content plan personalized for you!

In less than one hour of your time, we’ll create the perfect content plan!

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