3 Easy Steps for Newsletter Success Workbook




STOP dreading your newsletter!
DON’T panic each month!
AVOID frustration and procrastination!
Take action – plan it out!

Be EXCITED to write your story !!
DO IT in 30 minutes or less !!
CONNECT with your audience consistently !!!

This workbook is for you if you are frustrated, stressed, or simply not creating a newsletter.

Your audience needs to hear from you … because you can be sure they are hearing from your competitor.

Be the expert in your field, the GO TO person for your audience, the one who gets the sale and the client.

YES YES YES – You can do this … easily, confidently and strategically.

This workbook will walk you through how to plan content for your newsletter. We’ll use a simple “3” process to keep it easy, concise, and focused.

You will be guided through:

  • components of a newsletter
  • where to focus your efforts
  • newsletter idea topics
  • call to action statements

And you’ll build a solid newsletter mindset where you’ll enjoy creating your newsletter as often as you like!

3 EASY Steps to Newsletter Success
It doesn’t get any easier than this!

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