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Keep your desk clutter-free: Only keep items you reach for more than once throughout the day on your desk.  

Take a look at your apps and see how they can work double-duty for you! AnyList is a great list app for shopping lists – why not use it for travel lists, to do lists, and any other lists you need to keep.

Use the spacebar to scroll through internet browser pages. Press spacebar while reading a website and it will scroll down in full page chunks. Hitting shift + space will take you back up.

I have shared HaveIBeenPawned once or twice before and it’s well worth bringing up again. With security breaches happening every day, it’s a good reminder to keep checking your email addresses to be sure you are not being compromised. 

There is definitely no shortage of “to do” apps. If you are still looking and evaluating, GQueues is one to take a look at.

Concerned about website security: Terms of Service, Didn’t Read – gives you a quick snapshot of how your information is used. It rates and labels sites and social platforms.


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