You’re probably wondering what all 3 have in common and what they have to do with a virtual assistant.  Well, I must say it’s nice to be able to work virtually especially sitting by a lake. However, this story is about computers and back ups.
A few weeks ago, we were up north and I decided that it would be lovely to sit on the dock, watch the sunset, and read a book with my dog sitting beside me. That thought lasted about 3 minutes before chaos struck. The dog somehow slipped off the dock, his leash wrapped around my arm pulled me back and my iPad promptly joined him in the lake. My iPad is just as important to me as my computer! It holds a lot of data and information for me. It’s part of my “trilogy” – iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. They work in sync.
The story is rather funny now but not so much at the time. The dog escaped the chaos with no injuries.  Wish I could say the same for my iPad. By the time it was fished out of the lake, it was too wet for repair.  BTW, rice did not work 🙂
Now the good news, I’m a firm believer of the “cloud” and all my info is stored in clouds.  I had an iCloud backup, I use Notes, Office 365 and OneNote along with Google apps. I had no loss of data!
Moral of the story:  use clouds, back up and always be prepared!  I encourage you to watch this video ….. and to always be prepared should chaos hit your technology tools.

I knew that a messy desktop can distract from the task at had, but I had no idea how much. I recently read a post that said:

Participants at a UBC study took 10% more time to perform tasks when sitting at a messy desk (compared with control group at clean, organized desk).

I thought that was pretty interesting because I know that I am far less productive when I’m surrounded by a messy workspace.  So in doing a little research, I came across this article that highlights even more statistics about messy workspaces.  Did you know that the average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for papers?  I’ve been there – how about you?

Organize Your Desktop with These Six Items

Here are six well-priced items, totalling under $60 for all, that are effective tools to keep your desktop organized so that you can enjoy your workspace.

File Organizer – Files should always be upright on your desk. Why, you ask?  Once you lay a file folder flat, you start to pile other things on top of it and it’s no longer accessible.  A vertical file holder allows you to see the folder and label and you can slip papers into the proper folder quickly.

File Folders – I like end tab folders. They have tabs on the top and on the side.  Perfect because no matter which way you have your file organizer facing,  you can read the tabs on the folder.

Odds’n Ends Organizer – The perfect little holder for pens, notepads, loose papers, and other odds’n ends.

Notebook – Keep at least one notebook handy at all times.  Write all your notes in it rather than little bits of paper here and there.  If you like, have separate notebooks for different topics.  But get into the habit of using it for your lists and notes and you’ll keep a tidier desktop.

Post It Tabs – Love, love, love!  Keep them handy with your notebooks or your file folders so you can flag specific pages for easy reference.

Pens – A few different colour pens not only adds a touch of colour but you can make notes in different colours to help you highlight and separate ideas.

It doesn’t take much to keep your desktop tidy. These six items are reasonably priced and versatile. If you’re struggling to get your workspace tidied up, give this a shot. At these prices, you don’t have much to lose – but you have so much time to gain!

The true old saying tells us that money can’t buy happiness.  I have to disagree. Money can buy happiness.

Top health problems are related to stress – heart disease, asthma, obesity and headaches are all stress-related ailments. Stress is one reason for arguments, relationship problems, and business failures.

So if we can eliminate some stress in our lives, we can be happier in our relationships, be healthier and run successful businesses.

Common ways to relieve stress include:

  • Going for a walk or a workout
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Deep breathing
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Do something you enjoy


But what about getting the help you need to alleviate the workload in your home and in your business.

♥ A cleaning service for your home

♥ Lawn service or snow removal service

♥ Home services such as grocery delivery or organizing

♥ Bookkeeper

♥ Virtual assistant


We often feel that we can’t afford the services so we just continue being stressed and overloaded.  It’s not doing any good!  These services come at different price points so you can negotiate to fit to your budget.

The best term I heard when I started my business was “money flows”.  Somehow, when you decide that you need to rely on a service to help you maintain balance, the money follows.  Maybe it comes from the extra time you have not worrying about the service; maybe it comes from more time to sell; or maybe it was there all along.

Money can buy happiness & health & wealth!


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list (2)Is it more important to do everything “in house” or outsource it in order to get it done?  We often feel that we want to do everything ourselves for many reasons – it gets done the way we want, we don’t want to give in and admit that we don’t have the time or that someone else can do it as well, or we don’t want to spend the money.  All are very valid.  It’s a tough decision to outsource and there are a number of things to think about:

  • Who can do the work they way I’d like to see it done?
  • What is my budget – what can I honestly afford?
  • Is there something else I can outsource in order to get this one project done myself?

What it really comes down to is getting the task done.  Weigh options of in or out – and make the decision that works best for you to get the job completed.

One Small Change

As I sat out on our boat watching my husband guide us through the beautiful Callander Bay, I focused on the ripples of the water as he made slight movements of the tiller. I could barely see his hand move as a spectacular glistening effect occurred behind us. It made me think about how sometimes a small change in our lives can create a beautiful pattern that we might not even see. We often look forward and keep trying to create or struggle through big changes that we forget to look back and see how small changes have made an impact in our lives, or better yet, the lives of others.