Feeling like your drowning?  If you are not used to working at home, it’s not an easy transition especially when the kids are home, possibly your spouse or partner is home & there’s no where to go to get some quiet time.

Here are some thoughts on structure, focus and overwhelm.


  • Set daily routines & times … this means for everyone. Post a daily schedule and outline work time, quiet time, school work time, lunchtime, etc. If your kids are old enough, they can easily read and follow and understand that work time and quiet time are important.  If the children are younger in age, then add some images for them to recognize and check off as you work through the schedule.  
  • Make sure you add Prep Time in the schedule.  Time to prepare activities, school work and meals. Divide up prep time so everyone gets involved, if that works for you. If you prefer to manage it yourself, just block the time for yourself.
  • (TIP: quiet time could be for the kids, not for you, or for the whole household where there are no phone calls or tv.) 


  • Once you have a structure set, think about focus. What are the top 3 things you MUST do today during your work time and quiet time. This is a list you can create first thing in the morning or the night before you will tackle them. 
  • Once this short list (3 items) is done, you can get started. Try your absolute best not to get into something else until you have your focus items completed.
  • If you have completed the 3 items earlier than planned, then write another 3 down. Tackle one at a time so you don’t get stressed trying to fit too much in in a short period of time.


  • There seems to be so much more to do when our routines are disrupted. But, in reality, there really isn’t. We just need to take a bit more time to adjust how we get things done.
  • Make a list of all the tasks you need to do. Keep a running list as you probably won’t remember it all in one sitting.
  • Now look at the structure/schedule you have set.  How do these items fit into that schedule – for things that are easy like meal prep, kids school work, etc., – slot them in and check them off your list.
  • What is left?  Probably all your work stuff. So now, create your focus items by due date or for the next 3-4 days – remember 3 items per day. Check those off the list.
  • What is left? Consider if you really need to do what is left. Can it wait? Do you need help?  Should you adjust the daily schedule?

It is challenging to change overnight and to re-adjust life. Don’t take it lightly and don’t think you are being defeated. It’s a process. It requires action. It requires a new way to look at things. It can be done … slow & steady wins the race.

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