I’m always cautious in my blog posts to not say things that may offend some, but I have a calling to write a little differently this time. Of course, I don’t want offend anyone. I want to build an awareness because as the title states: Being doer of all, could be the downfall of some.

 I saw this post last week in a FB group:  I need to hire a VA asap!  [VA = virtual assistant]

There is only one good thing in this post – that someone has recognized they need help!

There is so much wrong with this post. Let me highlight 3 reasons:

  1. When you are in the thick of things in your business, you are too far down the path to actually build and nurture a good relationship. You now have to take the time (that you don’t really have) to help someone succeed in working with you.  A great VA can pick up tasks very easily; however, they still need to know about your business and your processes.
  2. What does a VA mean to you?  There are so many niches and levels of VAs. So what exactly do you need?  This was a very large FB group. My guess is there will be over 100 replies or tags. How can this help you hire a VA? Where do you even start to know who to hire?
  3. Why does it need to be done asap? Did you not plan, did you not think about it earlier, did you not anticipate, did your VA quit or go missing in action?

I could go on with more but I will stop there. Hopefully at this point, you are asking – so what should I do when I need a VA?

The first step is the planning. I go back to “the doer of all, could be the downfall of some.” If you are handling all aspects of your business, it’s time to stop and plan.

  • Define a small budget and a few tasks that you do not need to do that you can give away to someone else.
  • Search in the right areas – a FB group with hundreds or thousands is going to be far too overwhelming.  Ask your colleagues, your smaller networking communities.

Find the right person early on when you have time to have them learn with you. Start a small relationship with a good assistant and let them grow in your business with you. It should be a partnership not a challenge.

The doer of all needs to delegate to grow!

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