You’re probably wondering what all 3 have in common and what they have to do with a virtual assistant.  Well, I must say it’s nice to be able to work virtually especially sitting by a lake. However, this story is about computers and back ups.
A few weeks ago, we were up north and I decided that it would be lovely to sit on the dock, watch the sunset, and read a book with my dog sitting beside me. That thought lasted about 3 minutes before chaos struck. The dog somehow slipped off the dock, his leash wrapped around my arm pulled me back and my iPad promptly joined him in the lake. My iPad is just as important to me as my computer! It holds a lot of data and information for me. It’s part of my “trilogy” – iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. They work in sync.
The story is rather funny now but not so much at the time. The dog escaped the chaos with no injuries.  Wish I could say the same for my iPad. By the time it was fished out of the lake, it was too wet for repair.  BTW, rice did not work 🙂
Now the good news, I’m a firm believer of the “cloud” and all my info is stored in clouds.  I had an iCloud backup, I use Notes, Office 365 and OneNote along with Google apps. I had no loss of data!
Moral of the story:  use clouds, back up and always be prepared!  I encourage you to watch this video ….. and to always be prepared should chaos hit your technology tools.

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